My word of the year for 2019 is Intentional – with my life and with money.   Almost two years ago, my family experienced a life altering event, which I’ll share in an upcoming April post.

We were in survival mode, just getting by emotionally and financially. “To the world you are one person, but to one person you are the world” anonymous.  This quote says so much to me.

But time does make a difference, not too long ago we spent Saturday mornings standing in line at a local food bank, now we spend Saturday mornings setting up our budget and following Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps to realize our debt-free dream.  We can do this!

One of my obstacles is getting my husband on board with this. When I told him about my goal he said, “you’re going to put me on a budget?” YES, we’re on a budget.  We’re going to be intentional with our money and pay off everything but the house.  We can be debt-free in a little over eighteen months.

We’re in Baby step 1: Get $1,000 in an emergency fund as quick as you can.  We’re half way there, and we already feel better.  I compare this to my job as a production planner – and the sense of urgency expediting customer orders.

Two scenarios happen, I get an urgent! expedite email (everyone copied of course) First, there’s no work order, so I enter one, check material and schedule the order and then communicate to production. “Line down!” We scramble to pull this into place and take care of the emergency, notify shipping and pray for the best.

The second scenario, a work order exists and its already scheduled. I just pull this work order in, communicate it needs finished and shipped today.   Can you feel the peace that I do?  This is a $1000 in the emergency fund feeling.  Take a moment and breathe with me.  Doesn’t that feel wonderful? So much better than “Line down!”

At the same time, stop creating more debt and pay with money we have. Our first test to resolve this debt-free plan came on Valentine’s day.  My husband surprised with me with a box of chocolates and a gift box. First, I cried– because of his thoughtfulness and that’s just what I do.   When I opened to reveal a pair of ½ ct diamond earrings inside wait…  how did you pay for these I asked?  Did you use your credit card?   When I pressed about the price tag still on the box, he said they didn’t cost that much, and they were on sale.   Do I keep these? Afterall, we had decided to really start our plan beginning with March and it is Valentine’s day.

It didn’t feel right, and I asked him if it would hurt his feelings if we returned them. (Too late to return the chocolates, they were tasty.) He agreed and I am relieved. I told him after we’re debt free he can get me diamonds if he still wants to and they will mean so much more.

I learned that we would be tested as soon as we began our plan, but I didn’t anticipate that fast?

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