Frustration Set in

Budgeting is a balancing act, its not easy. “…If it were easy, everyone would do it.” We’re half way to Baby step 1: $1000 in the emergency fund, at least we were until we had to have this tool. I came home last night, to find my husband frustrated with our debt free plan. We don’t go out to eat when he wants to, and he’s not able to buy the tools at the exact time he wants them. I learned about the baby steps ten years ago I’m all in, no question. How to keep him focused until we start seeing progress is the challenge. Remember, it takes three weeks to create a new habit, I’ve learned.

“Can we wait and add it in next week’s budget?” I ask. “There’s only one left on the shelf, and I don’t know how long its on sale.” We transfer the money and walk into the store. First thing I notice is the shelf is full as I try to hide my frown. I don’t think he noticed as he puts it in our cart, and we proceed to pay. He’s been scouring the ads for coupons, so I ask about a Veteran’s discount. Success! $18 saved – wait, what’s this about some frequent shopper program? NO, don’t take it – he took it for an additional $21.

5 ways to convince your spouse to save money

Usually the person who saves resents the one who spends. The spender just has that much more to spend. After spending hours creating a combined budget for all our income and expenses, I ripped up the budget today. Must have been revision D or even E, I lost count. I’ve addressed each of the objections, each of the mistaken amounts, corrected for the bills that now aren’t due and still not acceptable.

He wants to set up more automatic payments and I don’t. It’s tough to schedule around these and make sure the money doesn’t get spent on something else. “Oh, we have $200 in the account we’re ok.” “I forgot about the check I wrote, it hasn’t cleared.” All part of the learning process.

I like to schedule payments, for a specific date and how much I want to pay. I react to so much daily in my job as a master scheduler, I don’t want to react to my money, I want to direct it.

More Americans have trouble coming up with $400 for an emergency than ever before, an estimated 40% of Americans according to the Federal Reserve.

Some reasons we say we can’t save:

1.High cost of living

2. Low Salary

3. Debt

I’ll continue with my debt free plan and move forward with a budget.

How would you continue? Please leave your suggestions below. What suggestions do you have to convince your spouse to work with you and save money?

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